Not Much Today

We are seeing slow and steady improvement with the crate racket. When I went to the drugstore yesterday, Hilda was carrying on as usual. Note: Erie weather and Erie people, y’all suck. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe what we had to do just to get across some streets. Like mid block crossings at driveways walking in the gutter with all the melted crap as cars whizzed by, unbelievable. Anyway, when we got back (being Leno and I), the house was quiet. Thinking Alena was still in the living room, I said, “Oh, I see Hilda’s calmed down.” Which started her right back up again. Proof positive that she’s just trying to get my attention and express her displeasure to me about her unfortunate plight.

In other steps forward, Hilda did at least one, possibly more #2’s outside, none inside. The bad news is that she peed in the downstairs crate a couple times. I count this as my failing, cleaned it up (that crate is dead easy), and on we went.

Only a little complaining at night now, which is great! And that, mostly if i leave the room for any reason. Like to go down the hall to the restroom.

Just more with introduction if sit/down as before, and she’s doing great there. She’s getting more insistent on the chewing, and I’m learning to yowl most pitifully.

Leno, on the other hand, is perhaps a little jealous, or perhaps just opportunistic. At Hilda’s dinner, which was after his this time, I had found that she peed in the crate when I opened it to put her food in. Just to be sure, I put the bowl down to check, and in dived a dog and snapped up a pretty good mouthful of puppy food. I thought it was maybe Fiona, but Fiona was tied up, and I didn’t really catch who it was, because the second I hollered at the miscreant, s/he ran off. If not Fiona, that leaves just the one suspect. Not long after that, he found the kong I left for Hilda that had puppy food in it, to keep her entertained (she ignored it), and, well, he’s a lab. What can I say? He didn’t get it all, but he did get some.

Today, we visit the vet, and we will find out what her weight is, among other things.

Nearly forgot. We also worked more with having her around and eventually lying near my chair on leash. That’s going pretty nicely as well. She also met Mr. Chinese Food Guy with no discernible reaction.

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