Oops, I forgot

I forgot something!

I finally found something Hilda is afraid of. Either that, or we’re starting a fear period already. I’m not even sure what set her off, but she’s afraid of the garage door. It’s a manual garage door. It’s usually closed, but it was open. Come to think of it, maybe she saw it close once and didn’t forget. Anyway. It was open, because I was grilling, and the grill is in there. I took her outside this afternoon and went to close it. She went running hell for leather, except, well, she only had four feet of leash, so she couldn’t get far. So eventually, when I couldn’t convince her to get within 6 feet or so of the thing, I tied her up so I could close it. She still wouldn’t go anywhere near it. Not for love nor money. I gave her string cheese near it, which helped. Then I threw treats at the garage door (closed), and she went to get those. I think maybe she’ll get over this fear pretty quickly.