Tomorrow, She Comes

The original plan was for Hilda to come on the 28th, but Sharon’s schedule changed a bit, and she says she can bring Hilda by tomorrow sometime instead. I’m terribly excited about this. None of the collars and leashes and what not i’ve ordered for her has showed up. OK, the name tag showed up, but that’s it so far. Really, it’s all right, I should be able to get something together in the way of a collar and leash until hers get here. I’m interested to see how much she’s grown in the past four weeks. I knew that at four weeks, they’d be tiny, and they were, but to see that in real life is a lot different from knowing intellectually that they’re going to be tiny. To think that a critter about the size of a small cat, seriously, 5 pounds or so, is going to grow up to be around 60-65 pounds, just amazes me.

So far, of the eight pups, two have gone on to their new homes. We’ve got a pretty good idea that all of those changes are at first confusing to them. New people, new smells, new sounds, no brothers and sisters, nothing familiar to them. But what about the pups that are left behind? you really have to wonder what they’re thinking as they see their brothers and sisters disappearing one by one. I’m sure they maybe don’t think about it like we would, but still, do they wonder? Where’d that brother of mine go? He hasn’t come back. How strange. What’s at the top of those stairs that go on forever and ever? (Well…if they go on forever and ever, is there a top? Those people who come to visit have to come from somewhere…?)

OK…there was no actual point to any of this, sorry.

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