No Fear, And…The More Things Change…

I swear she grew overnight. Seriously, Hilda’s collar, which has her name and my cell number on it, was maybe a little big for her, but not so much as to not use it. It’s less big this morning than it was yesterday evening, I swear it’s true. Also, Alena tells me she’s more brown than black. I should get another picture to compare between today (well, OK, tomorrow) and earlier pics. Sharon did say her coat would lighten before darkening again. It’s kind of interesting really. It’s especially interesting to see such drastic changes so quickly.

Still getting the hang of this puppy park break schedule thing. That would be both of us, but more me than her of course. Still, it’s better, and when there’s peeing on the carpet, it’s not a flood or anything like that. I think we’re both getting the hang of this thing.

I think I might have found something that gets her attention. At least, it does today. Tomorrow? Who knows? But Leno has several of these plush ducks that quack. There’s a little box in there that, when pressed juust right, quacks. No doubt it runs on some tiny battery that will die eventually. Anyway, besides the ducks, I got a frog that croaks, and I pulled that out. When it croaked, Hilda came to see what it was. I’ll reserve that for helping to get her attention to teach her to come to me. Which sounds like a brilliant plan today, but will maybe not work tomorrow. I also wonder at what point she’ll decide that it’s a lot more fun to disembowel such toys.

We also confirm that Hilda is, in fact, fearless. While she did bark at the vacuum, with the same bark as she used to call out the cats, she took a treat that I sat on it, and, while she did back away from it a little when I turned it on, she also approached it shortly after. Then later, when I had it going in front of the crate, I let hereto of the crate, and she casually walked over to the toy basket, grabbed a bone, and started chewing on it while I vacuumed the floor just a couple feet from her. I’m not sure how much more clearly she could have said, “Nope, couldn’t care less about that thing” than that.

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