Puppy class!

Well, pretty good puppy class, with lots of handouts. This trainer is an Ian Dunbar fan, which, I’ve read at least one of his books, and he talks sense. One kind of interesting thing is that she’s not a fan of the clicker, preferring instead to use a verbal marker. Ironically, her reason for not liking the clicker is the same reason often given for why people do like the clicker, that is, “I find that people don’t click at the right time, and reinforce the wrong things”. I just don’t like them because they’re so bleeding’ loud! Seriously, dogs have good hearing, why do we need such loud clickers?

Anyway, first session, the third member of class wasn’t able to come, so just two of us. We did lots of intro lecture stuff, and practiced teaching a hand touch and rewarding for letting us interrupt their play.

In other news, Hilda can actually sit for a good 5-10 seconds waiting for the release to eat. I barely need to just remind her with a brief “wait” or touch on her chest to remind her. I haven’t had to pick up the bowl at all the past couple feedings.

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