Because you asked for it

OK, at least somebody asked for it, and the rest of you will be thus subjected. Eventually, I’ll install Blubrrypress on here so I can upload as podcasts with embedded players and all that happy crappy, but not today.

First, from this huge long file I have no idea what all is on it, is some representative crate yowling. Now take this and multiply the time by lots and you’ll have an idea. Mind you, she got a lot better throughout the day, as, having some other chores to do, Hilda was in the crate a fair bit today and started to get quieter over all in there, but when she has a mind to make some noise, she can really make some noise.

Then comes the fun bit, and I know you were waiting for the fun bit. Lots of racket from all three, but mostly Fiona and Leno. See if you can pick out which grumbling is Hilda. Hint: Most of the barking that isn’t Leno is also not Hilda.

Finally, one of the cats, probably Abigail, has gotten Hilda’s attention. That one’s fresh from this morning.

Enjoy 🙂